Thursday, April 21, 2011

My goal.

I have a goal. and its really even a silly one. But none-the-less, I will convince Mr. M to let me do a room (preferably the living room, but I would settle for the bedroom) in a board and batten style. (Ok, I know, it will be more just "batten" style, but whatever, same thing. Right?) I looove it. When we were living in Raleigh, I almost did the tiny bathroom in this style, but realized we wouldnt live there long, (and we didnt....2 months!) so I didnt want to waste the money. Now, we are renting, so its again, really a mute point. BUT, as soon as we buy our first place, this will be step one in decorating.

This is a laundry room (obviously) but I also love it.

Now, this is not my personal style, where it goes all the way to the ceiling, but look how high it makes the ceiling look!

Now we're talking. I prefer my B&B to be much taller, like shoulder height (4.5'-5'ish) but a striking blue color like this one is what I had in mind for the top. Ive actually picked out Regatta by Sherwin Williams. Ever since the silly employee there gave me a full color wheel-thingy (that they usually only give to contractors, or people who purchase lots of paint. Im neither.) :) All I do is gaze at the pretty colors and decide which are my faves and where I'd paint them...ahhh... hard life, I know.

This is gorgeous! I think that Mr. M is more skeptical of how an entire room would look, but hello, he'll just have to read my blog so he can see, Ive proven my point. :)

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