Thursday, April 21, 2011

My goal.

I have a goal. and its really even a silly one. But none-the-less, I will convince Mr. M to let me do a room (preferably the living room, but I would settle for the bedroom) in a board and batten style. (Ok, I know, it will be more just "batten" style, but whatever, same thing. Right?) I looove it. When we were living in Raleigh, I almost did the tiny bathroom in this style, but realized we wouldnt live there long, (and we didnt....2 months!) so I didnt want to waste the money. Now, we are renting, so its again, really a mute point. BUT, as soon as we buy our first place, this will be step one in decorating.

This is a laundry room (obviously) but I also love it.

Now, this is not my personal style, where it goes all the way to the ceiling, but look how high it makes the ceiling look!

Now we're talking. I prefer my B&B to be much taller, like shoulder height (4.5'-5'ish) but a striking blue color like this one is what I had in mind for the top. Ive actually picked out Regatta by Sherwin Williams. Ever since the silly employee there gave me a full color wheel-thingy (that they usually only give to contractors, or people who purchase lots of paint. Im neither.) :) All I do is gaze at the pretty colors and decide which are my faves and where I'd paint them...ahhh... hard life, I know.

This is gorgeous! I think that Mr. M is more skeptical of how an entire room would look, but hello, he'll just have to read my blog so he can see, Ive proven my point. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Ashlie has been raving about Pinterest for months now, and honestly, I just kept rolling my eyes. I thought, "what was the point?". I know the point now. I totally get it. I have no idea what spawned me to actually investigate it further a few weeks ago, but I did. And, was actually a little pist (yes, p-i-s-t.. dont ask) :) off, because after all the hype, I wasnt allowed to sign up! Are you kidding me? I signed up to be on a waiting list, and that was it. I thought it would be months before they accepted me, and I also thought by then, who would care? I dont need Pinterest.

About one week post-investigation, I receive an email from Pinterest, inviting me to join. How nice of them. In fact, I ignored it for a few days. I guess the same curiosity that got me to look into it a few weeks earlier, reared its ugly head, and swallowed me whole. This was yesterday. And since then, I have been living in the realm of Pinterest. I love it.

When cruising through the blog world, I often find things and think "How cool is that?! I could do that!" But, then when I finally have the time, I can never find that one single thing again. It can be quite frustrating. However, lucky for me, I will never have to have this worry again. Check me out over at Pinterest, and here's a few things Ive already spotted.....

I HAVE THIS EXACT CHAIR. Ok not the exact one, but actually a cooler one. I cant even remember where Mom found it, but she did, and I love it. She almost sold it for $50 a few months ago, (way more than she paid) but somehow I convinced her not to, and to let me have it! Its been living in her barn since we were in between states at the time, but Im ready for it. And, if you follow the link back to In The Fun Lane, youll see why. :)

I cannot wait to take down my gallery wall I worked so hard on and re-align it around the TV.

I've been carrying  around this idea in the back of my head for a few months now. I think its awesome... This is in a laundry room, but it would also be perfect in a bathroom, or minus the hooks, and about a foot taller, in the bedroom. <3

Im off to tag more things for my boards on Pinterest, wish me luck. Please, follow me on there, and if you would like to join, Ill invite you! (Im not sure if its any different than being placed on the waiting list, but its worth a shot!) Im just getting started, so dont judge my lack of images!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Ive Been Doing..

I know it feels like I abandoned you again. But, I really havent, I swear!

I have been super busy the past few weeks. In light of a recent situation where things didnt quite work out the way we planned (do they ever?), Ive been committing more time to... ME. Well, to you. Well, to my blog/ design/ business/ funness/ all of the above.

Since I havent paused to write blogs (sorry!) I thought Id just show you what I have been doing.

A very dear friend (and the Best Man at our wedding) has started/ is starting up a little shop in Cut Off, LA where he and his wonderful wife live. They are specializing in camping and kayaking gear and outdoor clothing. We are super excited for them, and are stoked about being part of their journey!

My mom has been one of my longest standing clients, rightfully so. However, she has never actually used anything I have ever designed her. (Nice, right?)....Until now. Check out her new logo! She is totally in love!

My sister Ashlie started a blog a few months ago about what she knows And turns out, she is actually getting a lot of traffic! (Not that we're surprised, Ash!!) :) Reading about fashion is hardly my cup of tea, but when I finally headed over to her site, I knew it could definitely benefit from a little TLC. Her site / logo is still a work in progress, but feel free to check it out!

Last but certainly not least.... My own make over! Heres the new logo, and a peak at the business card as well. A full website update is in the process too! Stay posted.




Can you tell I really love logo design??

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Little Bit Domestic Isnt Such A Bad Thing

Last summer we were surrounded by tons of blueberry fields, and at some point, I decided why not make blueberry jam?! Its all tied back in to my desire to eat less processed foods, and simply to know whats in the things we eat. Now, dont be confused, I did not have any spiffy tools or big pots. I just used what I had. The result, AWESOME BLUEBERRY JAM. Probably the best Ive even. (Well, expect maybe my Great Aunt Dot who used to make it years and years ago. Somehow I have always remembered it!)

Just starting to cook down the second bath. See the apples and blueberries?? YUM.

In all the excitement about moving home to Florida, I was a little bummed to have access to the those blueberries...... Until I remember Florida has STRAWBERRIES. Probably my all time favorite single piece of food. I think anyone in my family can attest to this.

This is the second batch waiting to set.

In Geneva there is a great little Strawberry Patch called Pappys that always has the most divine berries, but I havent quite made it out there yet, although I plan to this week. We purchased a flat (6 pints) of strawberries from the Winter Park Farmers Market this past weekend. They were only $7! The Farmer's Market was awesome. Really a one-of-a-kind experience, but more on that another day. :) Back to strawbs.

This is the second batch waiting to set. See how the blueberries made it so much darker?

We usually have at least one project on the weekends, and yesterdays was the jam. Blake spent all morning researching and reading through several cookbooks that had recipes. We decided on a hybrid recipe combining several. Blake's grandfather gave us a cookbook called "Stocking Up" (c. 1977) that gave some great advice. One of the things they suggested was using honey instead of sugar. And even back in 1977 they said it was due to wanting less processed foods. We thought this was a great idea! Long story short, Im not a hundred percent sure how it turned out. Its just now been 24 hours after sealing the cans, they havent set all the way (theyre still a little giggly--lets be technical). But I havent tasted them yet. Today, with more strawbs left over, I followed a recipe for a smaller batch using strawbs, an apple (natural source of pectin, the alternative to adding packaged pectin like we usually do), a few blueberries, sugar and 2 table spoons of Grand Marnier. Mmmmm

Of course I tasted it before I sealed the jars, and it tasted awesome, it was a little sweeter than yesterdays batch. So, we'll see which turns out better. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Bedroom

We have lived in our new place for almost a month now. After having moved three (or maybe four..?) times in the last few months I have intentionally not been decorating/ projecting. Knowing we will be here for almost a year, and having a small yard to work in, means its time to get busy!

Our bedroom is slowly coming together, piece by piece. The headboard lived as a door in another life and we picked it up at this cute place in Swansboro, NC. After we got it, we cleaned it up, sanded the crap out of it, and painted it. Blake had painted the teal squares while I was at work one day, and they turned out a little too teal. (I know, its hard to believe). Last week I took the sander and went to town. It definitely helped.

The most recent additions are the cedar chest (you can view its original condition here) and the blue throw on the foot of the bed. The cedar chest has done a 180. Its still not in fantastic shape, but we stripped all the veneer off the top and restained all of it. Its a good solid piece, and at least it looks great!

My sister Ashlie is always sending me links during the day (Does she even work...?? jk!!) of projects to do. I liked this one so much I actually decided to do it! Kojo Designs did a great job at showing step by step instructions that made it look so easy! However, I made it even easier. Instead of cutting 12" x 12" squares, sewing the knots onto them, and then sewing the squares back together, I just left it whole, graphed out my knots and went to town. Granted, she had way more control over the end size of hers, I was still pretty satisfied with mine. After all, I wanted it more as a throw than the actual blanked for the bed.

This dresser has been every color. Literally. Just about anyway. I remember it being Ashlie's probably 12 years ago before it became mine. Its old, solid, and wonderful-- it had been another family members previously. I can remember it being white, crackle-paint-green, white with sunflowers all over it, black, and teal (to name a few). My friend Meredith came to visit this weekend and she thought it was new! We were friends from college and she spent many of nights at my house, so I laughed that she didnt remember it. But, oddly, it had been living in a closet.... This one of our first projects a few years ago, and I still love it!

It took everything in me to keep her off the bed while I was trying to take the first few pictures. Silly Monsters. I cant keep anything in my house dog free. But shes so sweet!! Look at that face!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo Shoot

I still dont have internet. Hmmph. Our new "HotSpot" (wireless internet through Sprint) was supposed to be delivered today, but I had to run errands and missed the UPS man by 15 minutes!!

Today was beautiful out. Absolutely gorgeous. And the girls thought so too. They have really been enjoying this warm, sunny weather. In honor of this, we had a photo shoot. Well, mainly just Copper, Sadie was enjoying the freshly watered dirt (aka mud). Actually, I was just outside watering, not photographing, but I looked over and saw Copper sitting so pretty, I just couldnt resist the urge. Heres how it turned out.

She's so beautiful!

Love this dog.

I did this one in color and black and white. I love how it changed the mood! Copper cracks me up. Shes so aloof to everything. You cant help but smile at her sweet face.

While I was out there, I snapped a few of my hydrangeas. I LOVE THEM. They're my favorite flower. Well, right up there with rinaculous, gerber daisies, and dahlias.

Aren't they lovely?!

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I, Shelby, have a china cabinet! WOO!

It all started over a year ago when Blake and I got married. Our wonderful friends and families had given us such pretty things and we had no where to display them. When my Mother-in-law helped us relocate from Jacksonville, Florida to Jacksonville, North Carolina after the wedding, we set out to find one. We really wanted everything to be just right when she left, and we were determined to have a place to display all of our pretty China and crystal.

Blake had been living in NC for a few months, so he said he knew a few places to take us. We had envisioned purchasing something from a used furniture store, something I could repaint, or refinish. Granted, we were searching on a Sunday, we were coming up empty. Turns out, Blake knew were lots of furniture stores were, but few used stores. Eventually, we came across a tall cabinet whose intended purpose was side cabinet to a larger entertainment center. It seemed like a good option; it was a good size for the apartment we were living in.......but, it was missing the glass, and because it was designed as part of a bigger set, it only had crown molding/ trim on 2 sides. We paid $150 for it.

Now, dont get me wrong. It served a great purpose, and we really didnt know any better. We know now. (Soooo I tried attaching a photo of it, to show you, but, I JUST - like 2 weeks ago- erased a bunch of photos off my phone, and its not on this computer, its on my iMac, which is at home. Im at Panera bec we have been too lazy to turn on internet... ) :)

ANYWAY. Here is the one I found maybe 2 months after living in Jax NC for $100, and I absolutely loved everything about it. But, we had just purchased the other, and I couldnt justify buying another.......

If you cant tell, I love the whole mid-century/ Danish modern... lovelovelove. Its wonderful. Heres a look at some more I have come across.

I almost bought this one TWO DAYS before I found the one we purchased. I liked it for obvious reasons, it was $75, which was good, buy there was a nice gouge above the right drawer handle (look closely), there was a foot long scratch in the glass, and the veneer was starting to peel apart from the bottom of the top piece. But, I really loved the style...!!

CONFESSION. This one wasnt for sale. :) It belongs to a wonderful lady who is a friend of my Mother-in-law, and I just love its character... and all of the white Ironstone inside! So pretty!!

This one I saw in a store at the Canton Flea Market in Texas.

Ok... DRUM ROLL.....!!!!!!

So, not quite the Danish Modern, but close. I know you cant tell from these images, but it overall has the very clean lines that I like, but I think the arched doors are good. It makes it a little softer/ more feminine than some of the others.  And I LOVE the hardware. Ill try to upload a close up, because they are COOL. (Remember, Im at Panera's.. not home. We are working on fixing the whole internet thing..)

Since Im not home, I better get outta here......... Blake will be home from work soon, and he will be expecting dinner. Im making, for the first time, French Onion Soup, the real way. Im following Ina Garten's recipe.. .yummm! Wish me luck.