Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo Shoot

I still dont have internet. Hmmph. Our new "HotSpot" (wireless internet through Sprint) was supposed to be delivered today, but I had to run errands and missed the UPS man by 15 minutes!!

Today was beautiful out. Absolutely gorgeous. And the girls thought so too. They have really been enjoying this warm, sunny weather. In honor of this, we had a photo shoot. Well, mainly just Copper, Sadie was enjoying the freshly watered dirt (aka mud). Actually, I was just outside watering, not photographing, but I looked over and saw Copper sitting so pretty, I just couldnt resist the urge. Heres how it turned out.

She's so beautiful!

Love this dog.

I did this one in color and black and white. I love how it changed the mood! Copper cracks me up. Shes so aloof to everything. You cant help but smile at her sweet face.

While I was out there, I snapped a few of my hydrangeas. I LOVE THEM. They're my favorite flower. Well, right up there with rinaculous, gerber daisies, and dahlias.

Aren't they lovely?!

Happy Summer!

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