Saturday, February 12, 2011

Junking Journal

This was my fortune at lunch today, and I have a job interview on Monday :)


Today started out as a bummer. I had planned for Blake and I to go garage selling, but he had to go to work this morning. :(  While he was gone, I started searching for estate sales online, and I found probably 100. (Well, maybe not 100, but at least 10!) Well, one in particular caught my eye, they had tons of pictures online and it seemed like it would have a wide range of things to browse through, and best of all, everything would be 50% off after 12:00, which was more likely when we would be out adventuring.

When we arrived, we had to wait in a LINE for 10 MINUTES before we even could go in! I had never been to an estate sale like that, obviously my intuition was correct, these people must have felt the same. This was actually the last day of the sale, and the amount of things was absolutely unbelievable. One of the operators said it had been this crazy busy the whole time. Blake and I have been in the market for a china cabinet. Ive wanted one since we got married over a  year ago. Finally, I had ear marked some money for one, and decided this weekend would be the time. Check it out!

We also found this LANE Cedar Chest, obviously in very rough shape on the exterior, but inside is virtually untouched. Blake (with the help of fellow shoppers) convinced me to let him buy a gun cabinet too (But it didnt photograph well, sorry!). He has been wanting one for as long as I have known him. It doesnt have a lock, but that shouldnt be an issue for a few more years :)

I found a silver pitcher, a neat sailboat painting, and some really cool rustic teal utensils too. We got such a steal! Our project for tomorrow will be attempting to take off the veneer on the cedar chest... Wish us luck!

PS sorry if the photos/ format/ me is all wonky.... Im using Blake's work laptop, and its a PC. yuck.

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