Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Ive Been Doing..

I know it feels like I abandoned you again. But, I really havent, I swear!

I have been super busy the past few weeks. In light of a recent situation where things didnt quite work out the way we planned (do they ever?), Ive been committing more time to... ME. Well, to you. Well, to my blog/ design/ business/ funness/ all of the above.

Since I havent paused to write blogs (sorry!) I thought Id just show you what I have been doing.

A very dear friend (and the Best Man at our wedding) has started/ is starting up a little shop in Cut Off, LA where he and his wonderful wife live. They are specializing in camping and kayaking gear and outdoor clothing. We are super excited for them, and are stoked about being part of their journey!

My mom has been one of my longest standing clients, rightfully so. However, she has never actually used anything I have ever designed her. (Nice, right?)....Until now. Check out her new logo! She is totally in love!

My sister Ashlie started a blog a few months ago about what she knows best....fashion. And turns out, she is actually getting a lot of traffic! (Not that we're surprised, Ash!!) :) Reading about fashion is hardly my cup of tea, but when I finally headed over to her site, I knew it could definitely benefit from a little TLC. Her site / logo is still a work in progress, but feel free to check it out!

Last but certainly not least.... My own make over! Heres the new logo, and a peak at the business card as well. A full website update is in the process too! Stay posted.




Can you tell I really love logo design??

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